Tender Wonder Baby Clothing is a unique line of baby clothing made in Portland, Oregon. Tender Wonder does not use fastners of any sort in our designs, making our clothing incredibly comfy on baby's tender skin. We try our best to use environmentally sustainable fabrics. We look for organic cotton, bamboo and modal blends. All our poly blends are upcycled fabrics. Our traditional cotton fabrics are certified. We try to go heavy on the style while treading lightly on the planet.

Our Tender Wondersuits were designed in 2007 by Rosalee Rester who was interested in Cradle to Cradle product development and also hated putting on clothing that involved buttons or zippers. Her intense dislike of snaps, buttons, zippers, velcro, elastic, magenets and ties, and the challenge to create a baby outfit that employed none of these, led to the design of the Tender Wondersuit (formerly known as Yankers.)

Manufactured in Portland Oregon, our baby clothing is unique in that it is sewn out in small batches by people we know and care about.

Tender Wonder is a line of baby clothing produced by Baby Wit LLC. Check out our parent site at www.babywit.com.

You can also find us on social media. We post our new Tender Wonder baby outfits at facebook.com/babywit and facebook.com/tenderwonders. You can follow our design process on the designer's instagram account or folllow Babywit's instagram account for more of a product showcase.